Being born in the Mediterranean I have always been surrounded by water and since a very early age wished to actually be a fish. A dolphin, a sea turtle, anything which could stay underwater for longer than I could. At the time I had no idea of how threatened and endangered these species were, and even less so had I known that they were threatened and endangered by us; for our own private short term benefit or simply for our lazy disrespectful lifestyles.

Growing up I started witnessing the rapid decay of the beaches surrounding me, whether it was in Rome or on my beloved Greek islands I was in utter disbelief when I saw the amount of trash and debris wasted by mankind and accumulating on shores as well as out at sea. Floating oil slicks, foamy waters, cans and bottles, metal waste and so much more.

A couple of years ago when for the first time I heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or the plastic soup I felt ashamed; ashamed of our species. Then when I heard about a lost island in the pacific, a natural reserve protected by Unesco, being alas contaminated though deserted and so far from us, I realised that even the slightest debris could have massive repercussions and that what I scatter here eventually arrives there.

Last week I visited the largest European Aquarium in Valencia and once more I thought to myself: “What have we done? What are we doing?”
So now I want to make a move, I want to create awareness and I want things to change. I want to go for a swim in the oceans knowing that I am not responsible for its inhabitants massacre but that I am, on the contrary, responsible for their survival and protection.


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