Darius – Exilium Vita Est

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“Enticing rhythm, supported by remarkable elegance and grace. A highly accomplished exaltation of Italian language.”

“The almost metaphysical estrangement is expertly alternated with physical-emotional presence. Lustful and appealing erotic scenes don’t compromise writing sophistication in any way”

“A painting which completes itself with every page.”

“The description of places is perfect; the use of language is of rare culture and refinement. An extremely promising debut novel

THE BOOK – Set around Europe, from Rome to the Island of Guernsey, passing through Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland, the story is told through the engaging inner voice of Aspasia: spectator of the encounters, events and mysteries that characterise Darius’ search. She invariably finds herself fatally attracted to him, and inevitably follows his journey through material and emotional pleasures and needs, caught in a limbo between dream and reality. A surprisingly unexpected ending, invites us to reconsider the meaning of life and of what is truly important.

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AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE in Italy at all Feltrinelli bookshops (order at counter) or on-line at the following websites:


eBook version also available for purchase on Amazon, Apple, laFeltrinelli, IBS, Kobo inMondador, and many other international ebook stores.

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