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Strength and Responsibility

With strength human beings survive
Enduring myriad hostilities roaming
On a land receiving our existence.

With strength survivors evolve, adapt
To their surroundings ingeniously moulding
Utensils apt to assist our settling, build

A home.

With strength rules are written defiance
Punished, to give civilisation a prospect
Allowing our development, a conscious


With strength rise courage and audacity
Curiosity guiding man to new horizons
Discoveries getting us acquainted

With a beguiling world.

With strength the senseless sin, hectoring
Neighbours, high-handedness allowing
The delirious outpour of envy and greed

Leading us by fear.

With strength comes power to extend
Culture beliefs resources and knowledge
Over people eager to learn and exchange

Wisdoms and ideas.

With strength comes faculty to govern, instil
Misrepresented values ambiguous ambitions
One-sided interests over populations ruled

Conquered through murder.

With strength responsibility is bestowed
Upon us to cogitate ponder and act, live our lives
With moral dignity according to a spirit

Of love.

[Featured photograph: Strength of Ballet by artist unknown]


Lost in Greenwich

The times I lost my way I reminisce
Ensnared in meanders crossing bridges
Between realities and dreams.

The night I met you an oneiric echo
Of what might have been as I struggle
To recompose the pieces of what never was.

Empty streets of Greenwich I walked
The pavement you the opposite sidewalk,
I was a stranger you a native dressed in blue.

My evasive attention caught by your steel
Grey hat, imbued in mixed emotions
Of circumspection and intrigued attraction,

A distinctive allure not sufficing to quell
The relentlessness of my prudence compelling
Me to pretend equanimous insouciance.

Darkness lit by the brilliance of the sole
Cheap diner effusing light through its glass
Wall curving at the corner, five cents a cigar.

I distinctly remember the streak of jade green
Tiles reflecting midnight reveries I entered,
Greeted by a handsome blond in white

Cap and coat pouring me a coffee with a smile
I sat, on the leather stool at the cherry wood counter
I leaned asking for a sandwich secretly longing

For you to come in, though forbidding myself
To turn my regard in search of you I still feel
The eyes of the lonesome gentleman

Solitary client mutely noticing my fidgety wait,
My shudder with the creaking of the opening door
As you approached, the warmth of your breath

On my neck as you stood behind me, until you sat
Next to me. You lit a cigarette and prattled
With the waiter, as our hands nonchalantly drew close.

That touch still resonates within me, shivers
Down my spine for an instant I adored you, yet
With dawn I lost you and never saw you again.

Nor did I ever find that little cheap diner
On Mulry Square as I returned,
Wondering whether it was all but a dream

A painting of what has never been.

[Featured painting: Nighthawks by Edward Hopper, 1942]

Drowning ecstasy

Enticed by the depth of your colour
I gaze at your substance stream

From the neck of your glass cage
To the palm of my hand

A chalice of crystal you breathe.

Your age reflected in transparencies
Your vigour in the viscosity of your tears

Twirling ripples exuding scents
Of inebriating quality I surrender to be seduced

By your full body cajoling my lips
I close my eyes to taste your essence

Long on my palate I delay
Swallowing to extend the ecstatic

Papillary sensation yet longing
To let you slither deep into me.

I do not fear the intoxication I crave
For my addiction to you is unshaken

By the certainty you will unfailingly
Grant me a beguiling finish

Ensnaring me in your liquidness
As you delicately flow in my veins.

[Featured painting: The Dark Room II by Fabian Perez]

With Eyes of Love

A Roman maxim avers
Ignorance is an ugly beast, never
A bliss. Railway station coffee bar
Zestful counter girl sheds a tear.

Smiles gifted me in the past cancelled
By precipitous disquiet vexation
For alas she was mistreated, brutishly
Stabbed with poisonous words.

A dark-skinned lady did not refrain
From insulting her as she counted copper
Coins a hundred needed to indulge
In a cup of liquid black warmth.

Displeasing moment for a life of many
Instants I pity and comprehend, though not
The lady’s heinous demeanour but
The counter girl remark, struck my chords.

Apologising before uttering the lemma
Of revenge a ‘bloody negro’ she explained
While reassuring she was not, a racist,
Adding truth is, “They” do not have a culture

Of respect, uneducated populace
She proclaims to my disdain as I dare
To respectfully disagree, unable
Not to intervene. Truth is,

Wickedness and spite do not hold
A passport, they can not be justified
By nationalities, colours or beliefs.
They do not travel or migrate yet

They do seek asylum within
Spirits drowning in pain.

Romans, French, British, Americans,
Bangladeshis, Russians, Chinese, Greeks,
Senegalese, Nigerians, Australians, Canadians,
Chileans, Argentinians, Libyans, Lebanese,

Hundred and ninety-five countries hosting
One race, Humanity. Distinction only made
Between those enduring in kindness
And those desperately surrendering to anger.

A choice a commitment a will, my plead
For humanity to see, beyond,

With eyes of love.

[Featured graffiti: Love is love by Banksy]

Holy City of Discord

Incredulous giddy eyes
Witness an appalling show
Incapable of withdrawing
Afore the grotesque play

On the theatre of future shame,
No spectator is absolved
No extenuating circumstances
Can provide a rationale

No one can rejoice,
When something is achieved
At the cost of misery next-door.

_On US embassy opening in Jerusalem_
[Featured image: Jerusalem]

I know you exist

Albeit I have not been graced
With your acquaintance yet
I have been missing you for more
Than I dare to reminisce.

Your elegant gait, virile deportment
The serpentine hypnotic depth
Of your irises as pupils dilate,
The sobriety of your eccentricity

The contagiousness of your enthusiasm
Your impulsive desires, as I follow
Blindly while you yearn for my views
I talk to you we speak the same language,

Your smoky bass voice entrances me
As do your thick lips unclosing intelligence
Carefully worded, unable and unwilling
To ever offend, humbleness and wisdom

Define you, for that I praise you,
Deprived of futile complexes you have
No time for them, you live every instant
With a spirit of adventure, your five

O’clock shadow unveiling a succession
Of perfectly aligned white teeth, broad smiles
Answering or sparking mine. Your proclivity
Towards discovery, sane curiosity, square

Shouldered, strong arms sculpted in marble
Silk hands they know how to garden,
Pull the ropes to sail, long fingers on piano
Their enticing movement as you take

Me, twirl me make me dance, your torso
Receiving my head soothing heartbeat
When you envelope me make me feel
Safe, the gentle way you treat others

Unconditionally and indiscriminately,
Your rugby legs muscles of a David,
Your feet suffering my tickles
As we walk through life as strangers

Yet reassured, by the groundless
Certainty we both exist.

[Featured painting: Port of Call, Pier 56 by Brent Lynch]

Dysfunctional Independence

Amicus was the Latin word
From Amare to love, a friend
Thus the one who one loves,
A beloved, fellow human being.

Naturally occurring since the dawn
Of life, amongst myriad creatures across
Multifarious species, extempore
Enhancement of traits and abilities.

Laughter a sign of frisky peace,
Its repercussions resonate as strength
Fostering courage and endurance
Rooting stability and reassurance,

Succouring one another, alliances
Essential to survival. Fidus Achates.
Yet times change and man with them
Evolves, in this one he has

Established laws a government
Police, an army to ensure longevity,
Guarded against predators and enemies
He veers friendship

From a physical necessity to the emotional
Spheres of a mind enhancing, grasping
Droplets of awareness perceiving
Self others and the Universe immense,

Reflecting upon who he is
Seeking the whys.

A social animal, insane in solitude
Questing after bonds to find a strength,
This one psychological, imbued
With support and care, someone

Who knows us, values our spirit,
Gently guides us away from risks,
Helps us think, develop thoughts and insights
Shines a light on dark tortuous paths,

Laying the grounds to unconditional concern,
Trust and respect, a friendship
Made of connecting souls in defiance
Of modern conceptions of I neglecting We.

A culture despite us built
On dysfunctional independence
Compelling us to believe, we do not need,
Hiding our vulnerability coerced

Into competition fake ambitions
Of individuality while indeed,
It is evident to us all we are unique
As a collective being, a race a species One,

Humanity unfathomably thrust
Into existence, inhabiting a planet blue,
Graciously lending itself to harbour us
Shielding to proceed and pursue

A mystic journey towards becoming
The most beautiful creatures ever been.

[Featured image: Portraits of humanity]