Born from a Greek, British, Ghanaian father and a Persian mother [see family tree], Aurora Kastanias grew up in Rome, where her parents fled to during the Iranian Revolution. She attended a French Catholic international school and started writing her personal diaries at the age of eight, proceeding to create her first short stories for her school friends at the age of eleven. The passion for the art of writing led her to earn a Baccalaureate in Literature, being ever since influenced by French 17th and 18th century authors.

While studying for her BA in Business Administration, at the John Cabot American University in Rome, she further got enchanted by 19th century existential authors as well as European ‘absurdism’ and the Theatre of the Absurd. She never misses a chance to quote her Irish beloved Samuel Beckett along with Eugène Ionesco and Harold Pinter and restlessly thanks her literature professors for the passion conveyed,

“I will never forget my literature professors. I have been blessed with their passion and forever thank Mme Boulay and Prof. Miller for sharing it with me.”

The Author
The Author

It was only during her first visit to Lebanon, after having read Diderot’s works, that she engaged in the writing of her first, yet unfinished, existential novel. With the commonly shared idea that she should focus on a wiser money-making job, she regrettably set aside the art to earn her MBA in Project Management at the University of Wales and engage, alas, in a successful career as marketing and project consultant.

In 2011, she finally decided that studying, writing and managing bars were the only things she truly wanted to do and gave up the “business world” to face new challenges, the readers and the clients, by becoming a published author of existential novels and a bar co-owner in the wine city of Bordeaux.

While she has chosen to write in Italian, as a tribute to the language she cherishes, highly respects and admires, she is also the author of english language philosophical and scientific essays.

“Although all languages enshrine a great deal of history and culture, Italian is by far the most beautiful and complete language I know.”

She is currently studying astrophysics and in the process of writing her fourth book [the second in english] on the Univiverse and Life.

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My first drawing
My first drawing – January 1997 – Aurora Kastanias

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