aurora kastanias

multiethnic poet and existential novelist

AK NOVELS often depict journeys, physical, mental and emotional. Whether long walks on city roads or international voyages, she tackles issues concerning the essence of human beings: sentiments, such as loneliness and feelings of belonging, tedium and happiness, self-contempt and self-actualisation, usually combined with the products of a rational mind and humbleness of existential quest, revolutionising concepts of time and space, life and death.

AK POEMS, written in Italian, English and French, represent a sort of diary where she notes strong-felt opinions and profound emotionsresulting from everyday life and current events. She finds inspiration observing the world, from the humble clochard to the President’s speech, from a starfish stranded in the middle of the road to the physics of our observable Universe. Poems she calls Poeticles and defines as Autopoiesis of Consciousness.

AK ESSAYS, are the beginning of a new orientation or simply the natural evolution of her being, slightly diverging the focus from Humanity to the Universe as a whole, engaging in studies of physics, astrophysics and cosmology but also history, natural philosophy, spirituality and esoteric studies.



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