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“A life on three timelines. Extremely well written.”

“Historical figures enter and leave the stage, intertwining their lives with that of the protagonist. From spiritual gurus to great physicists, chess geniuses and eccentric artists, Argos embarks us on a fantastic journey through his life and the XXth century.”

“The reader can’t help himself from identifying with each and every emotion and memory. Overwhelming”

“Historically and geographically accurate, a glimpse in the lives of some of the most prominent characters of the XXth century, with a bonus promenade in the eternal city of Rome”

THE BOOK – A day like any other, different in no way. Argos is now old and tired – plummeted in the vortex of daily rituals and reminiscences – he walks, as he does every day, through the streets and alleys of Rome at the mercy of the generosity of those who now know him for years.

Argos’ inner voice accompanies the reader through the story: the story of his entire life for the duration of a day.

He tells us about the present, what he sees, observes and feels; describing Rome, the buildings, the squares, the people, their anecdotes, the shops, the mutation of an evolving city and society.

He tells us about his recent past, lasted two years, when his immortal beloved was by his side and he was happy and happy to be faithful to her. Penelope is always on his mind and every day passes by the same way as the previous one, in the attempt of finding the courage to return to her.

He tells us about his past tout court. A life of encounters and solitude, during which he gets acquainted with various historical figures and famous characters such as the 14th Dalai Lama, Sergey Koroliev, Bobby Fisher, Frank Costello, Churchill, Kissinger, David Bowie, Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dalì, and many others. One by one, he establishes meaningful relationships with these people, not necessarily at the zenith of their carrier, but in moments of fragility, humbleness and necessity, overviewing in his manner his life and the XXth century.

But who is Argos?

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