With love to All

We have been taught we’ll grow
Up to love one. The One and only who
Will matter and complement our life,
Bringing meaning to existence, shining light.

Legends, tales, novels, songs,
Cinematography depicting idyllic love,
Affairs where one should rather die
Than live without, pouring responsibilities

Based on expectations.

Words of treason for loving and loved ones,
To comply with monogamous society designed,
To rule and keep control of tormented masses
Reaching for the fable in frustrated non-fulfilment.

It wasn’t always so.

Love did not equate to possession, naturally.
Parents and children did not belong, to each other.
New-borns were raised by communities, broods
Were for all to take care of and of none.

No one owned any one.

Love as an innate instinctive feeling, permeated
Lands and beyond as Universal. Love for humanity,
Its abode, the Universe in all its glory and potential.
Loving every bit of it, as each piece composes the All.

So, in answer to your prayers, my dear One,
On the ethics of love and to keep it alive,
Allow me to gently whisper to your ear my pride,

“Love All and indeed it will last forever,
Limit your love to One and you will slowly fall,
In a puzzling abyss of anguish you’ll hardly comprehend,
A prison of expectations, quarrels and grief as none

Of the two making one, can ever fulfil
The insatiable void rooted in failure,

Of loving All.

Thus embrace humanity, my precious One,
Love each and every one as if they were the only One.
Do not require from them, don’t even ask,
Just give them all you have and expect nothing

In return.

Stand assure my beloved, the Universe will requite,
Pouring love on you so intense, no One
Could ever Do but All. Bringing peace to existence,
As every drop fills the Ocean.”

Infinity in motion.

[Featured painting: La foule sentimentale (The sentimental crowd), Christine Vauchel]


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