Humankind, astonishing reflecting creature, inhabiting
A terrestrial planet granting the conditions, four point five
Billion years old, from fire to water to ice to stone, the time
It took evolution to follow its course, for rocks and metals to release
Oxygen and water for life to spring.

It spins and swirls on itself and in company around
Its star, a gravitationally bound system in turn
Orbiting the centre of its galaxy, the Milky Way, a black
Hole with little strength yet strong enough, attracting
Floating objects creating focal points, concentrated mass,

Impeding their escape. Chased by Andromeda, two hundred billion stars
Travel through space, of them, many more, forming other galaxies gathering
In groups and clusters moving, in the same direction towards
Greater structures, pulled by fighting masses, the Great Attractor,
Lying at the heart of Laniakea, a 520 million light-years across

Supercluster, encompassing us all and the neighbourhood, roaming
At two point one million kilometres per hour, a speed
We do not sense, yet magically observe, as everything is
In motion. From the immense cosmic objects out there to the smallest
Cell within our body. Humankind, astonishing reflecting creature.

[Featured painting: Dynamic Expansion and Speed by Giacomo Balla, 1913 @Christies]


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