Being You

Granted the sense of sight, I see
What you see, reflections of light, between
Infrareds and ultraviolets, a little portion
Of the electromagnetic spectrum, unhidden
To our vision, only guessing the wonders of X
And Gamma rays, while playing with colours.

Entrusted with a mind able to recognise and realise,
I comprehend what you understand, and distinguish
Water from soil, oceans from forests, planet Earth
From star Sun, food from poison, love from hate, my body
From yours, delineating where I end and you begin, detecting
Our similitude as a species, bound by rationality and feelings.

Conferred unfathomable imagination, intangible
Deprived of a location, I delight myself in conceiving
Your ideas, identifying with your thoughts, magical grasp
Of the unknown and uninvented, able to create my perceptions,
Give life to conceptions, just like you, pouring words on paper,
Painting images on canvas, building shelters and wheels.

Bequeathed the legacy of common ancestors, millennia
Of history and knowledge, culture, tradition and creeds, evolution,
I share your story, your anatomy and physiognomy, your blood
And DNA, a map of all the genes composing you and me,
Trillions of cells gathering together to make a human being,
With the strongest impression that I resemble you, in so many ways.

Bestowed with consciousness I contain
Information I explore, attempting to unleash
The essence stored within, that unspecified certain thing
That unites all that exists, and elicits humankind to believe
Something greater, something beyond has a determined volition
For me to apprehend that I am you, and you are me.

[Featured painting: White Wave by Caroline Vis @saatchiart]


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