We surprise ourselves with the ability to feel
Emotions run so deep in our veins, swallowing
Us into the abysses of irrationality, casting
Us throughout oceans filled with promises,
High hopes and expectations, dreams of wild
Currents tearing us apart, tempests at sea,

Shipwrecks adrift.

Elevated by the nobility we assign to devotion,
Love posing as the commander of the vessel
Without whom the vessel sinks, is not eternal
And sets conditions we must abide by, as mutiny
Is severely reprimanded, punishment resulting
In the atrocities inflicted by his opponent.

Crushed by the humiliation of spontaneous aversion,
Hate passes off as the single solution, the only feeling
Able to replace our inability to love that which we now


[Featured painting: Warrior and the maiden (or Love and Hate) by Elin Bogomolnik, 2012 @saatchiart]


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