Little difference between
Cherry blossom and birth,
Of tadpoles, lions and stars,
Reflections of light
In refractile eyes.

Everything in motion
Set to evolve,
Into a thousand wonders
As the Universe expands,

Creating distances
Amongst objects striving
To reunite,
As All that exists is One
And can only travel bonded.

[Featured painting: Prismatic Paintings Produced From Refracted Light by Stephen Knapp]

“The fun of what I do with light, is that there is nothing in our visual memory that prepares us for what I’m doing” Stephen Knapp

Stephen Knapp has been making work that is transformed by light for over thirty years, producing vibrant light installations he refers to as paintings. These large-scale works utilize minimal tools, harnessing simply light and dichroic glass to throw a multitude of colors against the walls and room. The installations are not sketched out beforehand or programmed by computer, but rather created during the installation process as Knapp moves intuitively to choreograph his intricate light patterns.

learn more about his work here


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