Best Friend

I can’t remember the first
Time I saw her
Big brown eyes and curly
Frizzy hair.
I immediately had a gut
Feeling, that I never could have
Bonded with her.

Everyone liked her though
She was not a popular girl,
At least not amongst girls.
Teachers, parents, adults
And men, yes.

She was extremely polite,
Always smiling and sickly
Kind. Hardly ever spoke
A word. Let alone a bad one.
She appeared outgoing yet
Was essentially
An introvert.

All wrapped up in her own
Universe, writing letters to God
Knows who.
Too good for me,
And the rest of the world.

I can’t remember the first
Time I saw her
Cry, but I remember the first
Time she went insanely

I saw her through the window
Her reflection on the glass,
Gazed deeply into her
Big brown eyes, until
I passed out.

When I recovered
My senses, she was still there,
The glass was the bathroom’s
With endearment she looked
At me, I fell
In love with her
There and then.

To this day I regret
Misjudging her, as she is still
My best friend.

[Featured painting: Girl at Mirror, 1954 by Norman Rockwell]


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