Rings we never wore

You possessed outstanding
Imagination, I felt
Feelings, you could barely

Reality blinded you
With rage, events mad you
Ponder, after lashing me
With carefully chosen
Hurtful words.

The higher your pitch
The graver my muteness,
Mental disorder provoking
Unsounded admiration,
For the hangman.

You knew me to the core
Yet confused me with someone else,
I knew you better than anyone
And this of me you liked and praised.

Your creativity led us to make dreams,
Plans we would not dare to.
I followed you in peace
As I ignored how not to.

You would swear I was unique
And stubbornly refuse
To apologise or give
Any plausible excuse.

With your imagination
I started creating some for you,
With my love you proceeded
Crafting rings.

In our dreams, the date
Was august the nineteenth,
In our dreams, the name
Was August like your dad.

In reality, you threw the rings
At me. I escaped.

[Featured painting: Tango of Love by Leonid Afremov]


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