What you don’t know

They are called
Heretic liars
Cast away
For deafened ears
Accidentally not to hear
Spoken words of truth
Out loud.

For wounds to disappear,
Kidnappers repeating
Centenarian mantras
Convincing others
‘What you don’t know
Won’t hurt you.’

Necessary dogma
To believe in
To free from responsibility
To justify no action
To accept without

As the oppressor oppresses
Holding the weapon, in his fist
The mind of the oppressed,
A bullet at the time.

Closing eyes before burning
Amorphous corpses
While vulture fly over
Their next appetising

Drooling drops
From watering beaks
Showering brainwashed
Senseless human beings.

Those who have want
Those who don’t
Don’t know.

Sudden blasts
Spreading anger
Tumultuous situation
A consciousness at the time
To realise,
Ignorance is not
A bliss.

[Featured painting: The Death of Socrates, as depicted in an 18th Century painting by Jacques-Louis David]


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