Universal healthcare

Integrity of the form
Envelope of our souls
To strive to live
To discover, go beyond
Bear a breathing child
Pouring tears to homage life
Surviving the labour to witness,
Strong to grow, ramble earth
Desire, attain, evolve.
Clean air for hearts to beat
Pure water for blood to flow
While earth feeds substance
And fire shelters envelopes,
For cold nights
Not to tear them apart.
Leaves, resin, roots
Freeing matter from poison
Thought-impeding pain
To endure another day.
When some decide to destroy
Jungles and forests
Building cities to pile
Bodies one on top of the other,
Unbreathable air and dirty water
Draining lymph out of earth
Replacing fire with fossil
Corps-consuming energy.
Pandemic disease for profit
Dying babies and mothers.
Drugs and remedies for few
Only those who can fill pockets,
Life reserved to the wealthy
Legally discriminating the unhealthy.
Proposed, voted, passed
Another step toward extinction
For undeserving creatures
To play
The mad mad game
Of their existence.

[Featured painting: Self-Portrait with Dr Arrieta by Francisco Goya 1820]


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