The dawn of sounds
Sparkled fantasies combining
Unfathomable events
With eloquent skills,
For stories to be told
Handed down
For the next to know,
Myths and legends
Of the past,
An easier future,
How to make fire,
I’ll tell you how.
Gods and creatures
To explain
The change of seasons
The balance of harmonies
Where the fruits grow
Where the insects hide.
Sophisticating tools
Sounds turn into words,
Early images now pictures
From caves to boxes
From walls to screens
For stories to be told
Fantasies and lies to assume
Legitimate shape and form,
For others to unknow
Truths of reality
To manipulate,
Delicately force
Quiet creatures
To listen and adapt
As those who speak
And those who don’t
As stories become
While myths and legends
Die in silence.

[Featured painting: The Storyteller, 1880, Oil Painting by Ludwig Knaus]


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