Ancient Love

As the Pharaoh unfolded the carpet
The Emperor fell,
In love with the woman
Who ruled the land, beyond
The bloodshedding sea,
Seeking for protection
From her fastidious younger brother
Wedded through tradition
To reign.
Hesitation inexistent
The Emperor killed the little one
Brought the Queen back to Rome
Intimacy, conception of their heir
Illegal feelings until she fled
When treacherous Senate
Conspired to murder
Her beloved.
Widowed through her own doings
Deprived of her lifeless lover
Hesitation inexistent
The Pharaoh executed her last brother,
Wedded through tradition
To reign,
Put her fatherless son in his place.
As the General won oriental battles
The Pharaoh fell,
In love with the courageous opponent
To the sister of a new rival
An Emperor with no favours.
Blinded and bewildered
He followed his mistress
Intimacy in Alexandria
Conception of their heir,
For all to comment, judge
And condemn.
War rose as they fell,
Asleep forever
Poisoned by their love
To die not to be captured,
To save the passion
For history not to forget
As humanity recalls
The greatest loves of all.

[Featured painting: Section from the rear wall of the temple of Hathor at Dendara. Here we can see Cleopatra VII and Ptolemy XV Caesarion (the son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar) offering to the deities of Dendara.]


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