Gross National Happiness

Who counts? Who scores?
Indexes and numbers
To measure and certify
Happiness amongst us,
Criteria based on production
Monetary wealth, body health,
A game of who owns what
While life expectancy seeks

Freedom to make choices
Rather blue than red
Logic over faith
An apple or an android,
Social support
For solitary souls,
Hiding sickness in structures
Not to see
For someone else to care.

As fear domesticates
And unforgivable greed,
Politically incorrect,
Turns into acceptable
Ambition leading the way.

Communication becomes smart
Exchanging letters for emoticons,
Emotion icons to express
Feelings, flaunting selfies
Taken alone,
To prove and demonstrate
Happiness withstanding all,
Denial of shameful agony
Avoidance of public disgrace.

Who counts? Who scores?
Happy populations dreaming
Carried out in secrecy
Not to interfere with results,
While a remote kingdom suggests
Exchanging gross domestic product
For gross national

Criteria based on spirituality
Physical health, social involvement
Environmental conservation
Cultural preservation
One with nature in infinity
Pursuing happiness
As the one and only goal,
Life a bliss.


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