Back to basics

Lightning frightens
Sun-worshiping creatures
Looking at light
Feeling the warmth
Impossible to tame,
Grateful impotence.
Striking the forest
Smoke and flames
Habitat heated
Instinctive escape.
Only curiosity brings
The primitive man to wonder
Retrace his steps
Analyse the fact.
While crowds await in caves
He burns,
Untouchable precious substance.
As storm quiets
Approaching ashes
To touch, ideas
Keeping the fire
Wood, plants, fats
Anything it likes to gulp,
For warmer nights
Sleepless guardians
Meats on fire
Painless feeding
Longer lives
New beginnings.
Mimicking the story
Down the line of time
Sounds and gestures inspire
Kids to play monsters of fire
With woods and stones,
Frictions and percussions,
Sparkles generating genius
Creativity and intelligence.
Lenses, matches, lighters,
Fossil fuels, coal, gas and oil
Nuclear, uranium and thorium,
Houses, roads, cars, planes,
To root us back to base,
Two hundred and fifty thousand
Years away.
Energies happy to exchange
Generous givers of nature
Have been, are and will be
Renewed again.
Aristotle’s four fundamental
Air, Water, Earth and Fire.
Sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves,
Geothermal heat,
Intelligence makes space
For sensitivity to reunite.
Life a bliss.

[Featured painting: The School of Athens by Raffaello, 1510 ca., affresco in Stanza della Segnatura in the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican]


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