Glorified warriors

The teacher teaches history
To kids eager to learn.
A long sequence of conquerors and wars
Great empires and kingdoms
With flourishing new ideas
Setting the basis of cultures and creeds
Their legacy exciting stories
To be mixed with nostalgic fantasy.
The names we remember are those
Of the murderers rebaptised the winners
The victims have none.
Mr Democracy asks
Adults to vote
Express their feelings and thoughts
By adhering to programmes
Fuzzed by happy pictures
Of retouched First Families
Like ordained illiterates placing Xs
Dropping papers in little boxes.
Awkwardly citizens chronically reunite
To manifest their anger and endless plight
Increasing disapproval for results
Counts and recounts as silent insults
Never seem to reflect
Popular wish, denied in neglect.
Commanders in charge
Speak, encourage and reassure
Feeding fear to the irrational stampede
Promising to protect it from the evils
No matter what.
Calls of duty reduced to games
Firing bombs with similar epic names
Priority mission, shoot all moving creatures
If their colour or creed is different to that of the preacher.
Superpowers selling themselves
As products on shelves
‘Either with us or against us’.
Bystanders compelled to align
Become an ally or lose favour
As superheroes with red ties
Self-proclaimed guardians of freedom
Are ready to bombard
Any radical, anarchist, demonstrator,
Dissident, rebel, insurgent or agitator.
‘The situation is dramatic’ they say
As the neighbour just built its own gateway,
Replications of toys
“Fat Man” and “Little Boy”
Our commanders and most praised scientists
Invented 72 years ago and “only” used twice.
Developed in July
By August they were tested and trialled,
Eventually receivers thanked the donors
With raw fish and rice.
Memory alas forgotten
Ready for new fights and battles
With new technologies
Against old enemies.
Pledges of allegiance
Indoctrinating souls
To think and believe it is right
To kill, murder and destroy
In large numbers and patriotic faith
People across the world that no one knows.
‘Cause if just one soul
Wakes up a morning to kill one more
He or she is labelled at best
A psychopath deserving death.
No glory for he who fights alone.
But why all the indignation, fuss and dismay?
The teacher taught us
Through history and example
Of glorified warriors
Receiving medals for their services
While commanders continue
Identifying foes
For the Gods they pray
The lifestyle they chose
The vengeance they seek
And the toys they play with.
The teacher taught us all
About the culture of war.

[Featured painting: Uranium and Atomica Melancholica Idyll, 1945 by Salvador Dali]


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