Another successful job

Four moons had passed
Since the crown was bestowed
Upon the enthusiastic new King.
For the occasion he was given
A nice white house
And a brand new arsenal.
After a couple drawbacks
In internal affairs,
He consulted the oracle
On matters of military defence.
Strategies and potentials,
Technologies and Intelligence
To compensate lacunas
Human compassion and courtesy.
World wars had long been
Officially declared
Truth was temperatures had only fallen
Raising them again
Was his delight and honour.
Four moons had passed
Before he stroke
59 missiles across the ocean,
Souls evaporating smoke.
None of the other Kings dared
To confute, judge or repudiate
The questionable measures at stake.
As he realised the world
Was mute,
Seven days later
He had not been shy
To deploy his latest toy,
Proudly baptised
‘Mother of all
Targeting a remote country
Just in case and to be sure
He would stay safe
In his big white home.
It is after all the most powerful bomb
Ever since and after the nuclear one.
‘Just testing’ some silently thought
As he claimed he was freeing the planet
From violent creatures
Who did not deserve
To be on it.
To be captures, identified or stand a trial,
No one knows them,
Who truly cares for the whos or whys?
It is after all entertainment and money
Ever since and after profitless peace
Was dismissed.
People with no faces
Sentenced to death,
As long as they are far away,
No fear no threat.
We are the ‘good’ ones
That is for sure.
No need to verify
The new King’s words,
He is proud, he says,
For the “great success”.
39 deaths are always a success,
The king promises
That was all they deserved.
“An inhuman and most brutal misuse of our country”
Spoke the dethroned King
Of the land that once was his,
Hit on the day humanity commemorates
The death of the wise man
Sentenced to death
Thousands of years before
As he said:
“Forgive them Father,
For they do not know
What they are doing.”

[Featured painting: Guernica by Pablo Picasso]


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