States of matter

Malleable metamorphosis
Eternal cycles
Of enduring substance.
Persistent essence
Evolving mobility
For inviolable properties
Through nature’s ability.

Water shall always be water
Gold forever gold.

Temperatures pressure
Matter into change
Influencing motion
Of atoms, teaming up
To shape the state.

Pawns tightly packed
Stuck together set on the board
Crafted by modelled
And modelling space.

Action heats up the game,
Solid actors spread loose
Move around and melt,
Peaceful flow of circumstances
Dictating the latest event.

Warmer passions tend to separate
Creating agitated distances and disputes,
Liquid thespians now move erratically
Attempting to escape
While physically flying away.

As the field catches fire
The gaseous players dye and are not to blame,
They are simply returned to their primordial fame.
Unbounded particles in neutral zones
Mouldable substance, never free.

Zero charge radiant matter
Lightning storm,Sun and stars,
A dark matter
No one knows.

Plasma in all its glory
Abundant potential
Permeating Universe
To challenge its course.

Ever since and forever
Malleable metamorphosis
Eternal cycles
Of enduring substance
Before and within me.

[Featured painting: Hot 9 by Jackson Pollock, 1949]


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