Glorious Creatures

I was here long before you know
On a timeline made of seconds
That never did nor do exist,
Crossing space a lot further
Than you could ever possibly conceive,
As measures deceive,
Light-years don’t begin to describe
The immensity in which I abide.

I was here before your misleading
Big bang beginning,
In reality a continuum of all
That ever was, is and will be.
Stacked up in the infinitely hot dense womb
Of a Universe ready to expand,
In the mist of intense silence and darkness
I witnessed, the quiet blast.
Space inflating to contain me
As I, was ready to grow-up.

Only later light turned on,
To shine gamma-rays
My consciousness could grasp
Releasing energy
Cooling down,
Giving birth to new stars
Made of dust,
For life to sprout
Glorious creatures out of lust
That once existed
And exist again,
Changing shapes
To stay the same.

I remember you forgot,
Though your instincts now suggest
Where you came form
Where you’ll go,
Your immortality, that of snow,
Apparently disappearing
As temperatures rise
Only to show up
Somewhere else another time.

I was always here
And so were you,
You are I and I am you,
Glorious creatures
Connected into One,
Chameleonic eternal energy
Forever evolving, stun.

[Featured painting: Across the Universe by Graciela Bello]


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