Harmless games

The baby was ecstatically happy,
He had been given a toy gun
And a cowboy hat.
It was his third birthday,
No harm in that.

Parents were glad to see their child
Giggle while fighting against
Newly conceived
Imaginary foes.

As years went by
He promised to be good,
Asked Father Christmas for
Captain America and G.I. Joe
Action figures,
Heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons
As he Transformed himself
Into a healthy young boy.

Santa Claus benevolently complied
Placed the gifts, nicely wrapped,
Under a glittering Marvel-
ously adorned tree.
Once more, no harm done
Only plastic in his hands.

Ultimate super-soldiers
Fought, day in day out,
Killing psychopathic super-villains
While imaginary friends
Died in sociopathic oblivion.

He grew older, to be a man
And by Easter he was given
59 missiles to be launched
On the super-enemies
He created decades before,
Only super-heroes could destroy.

Medals, honours, fame
Bullets, corpses, famine,
Parents no longer there
To witness his triumphs,
To be proud of him
To see him giggle.

When old age finally came
Pay him a visit
Knock on his door,
No toy or weapon
Was made
To shoot off the greatest rival of all.

A last prayer for mercy
As Nemesis pushed him to the wall,
Putting an end to the game
Of the harmless old man
Who liked to play.

[Featured image: 1964 The Mattel Agent Zero M Sonic Blaster 5530]


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