Monogamous Heresy

Humankind rose
To discover, comprehend,
An animal beyond instincts
To hunt, mate,
To wander the boundless land,
Ensure survival of the species
As natural selection selects,
Survival of the fittest.

Polygamy to increase possibilities
Until misleading deception,
Grounding possessions
A square meter to cultivate,
Build, never to wonder again.
A home for two
To keep
Properties to oneself.
Better warriors
Are only once wed.

As wealth rises
The poor bear wifeless,
Monogamy institutionalised
For equality and equity
Tax and fidelity,
Counting worshipers to blemish
Souls, so that each and every man
Loved only one,
Morally and legally prohibiting
To love one more.

Limits to a species
That has none,
While some feel the love
For humanity as a whole
Recognising the self
In all.

[Featured painting: The Virgin, 1913 by Gustav Klimt]


Ancient Love

As the Pharaoh unfolded the carpet
The Emperor fell,
In love with the woman
Who ruled the land, beyond
The bloodshedding sea,
Seeking for protection
From her fastidious younger brother
Wedded through tradition
To reign.
Hesitation inexistent
The Emperor killed the little one
Brought the Queen back to Rome
Intimacy, conception of their heir
Illegal feelings until she fled
When treacherous Senate
Conspired to murder
Her beloved.
Widowed through her own doings
Deprived of her lifeless lover
Hesitation inexistent
The Pharaoh executed her last brother,
Wedded through tradition
To reign,
Put her fatherless son in his place.
As the General won oriental battles
The Pharaoh fell,
In love with the courageous opponent
To the sister of a new rival
An Emperor with no favours.
Blinded and bewildered
He followed his mistress
Intimacy in Alexandria
Conception of their heir,
For all to comment, judge
And condemn.
War rose as they fell,
Asleep forever
Poisoned by their love
To die not to be captured,
To save the passion
For history not to forget
As humanity recalls
The greatest loves of all.

[Featured painting: Section from the rear wall of the temple of Hathor at Dendara. Here we can see Cleopatra VII and Ptolemy XV Caesarion (the son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar) offering to the deities of Dendara.]

Gross National Happiness

Who counts? Who scores?
Indexes and numbers
To measure and certify
Happiness amongst us,
Criteria based on production
Monetary wealth, body health,
A game of who owns what
While life expectancy seeks

Freedom to make choices
Rather blue than red
Logic over faith
An apple or an android,
Social support
For solitary souls,
Hiding sickness in structures
Not to see
For someone else to care.

As fear domesticates
And unforgivable greed,
Politically incorrect,
Turns into acceptable
Ambition leading the way.

Communication becomes smart
Exchanging letters for emoticons,
Emotion icons to express
Feelings, flaunting selfies
Taken alone,
To prove and demonstrate
Happiness withstanding all,
Denial of shameful agony
Avoidance of public disgrace.

Who counts? Who scores?
Happy populations dreaming
Carried out in secrecy
Not to interfere with results,
While a remote kingdom suggests
Exchanging gross domestic product
For gross national

Criteria based on spirituality
Physical health, social involvement
Environmental conservation
Cultural preservation
One with nature in infinity
Pursuing happiness
As the one and only goal,
Life a bliss.

Back to basics

Lightning frightens
Sun-worshiping creatures
Looking at light
Feeling the warmth
Impossible to tame,
Grateful impotence.
Striking the forest
Smoke and flames
Habitat heated
Instinctive escape.
Only curiosity brings
The primitive man to wonder
Retrace his steps
Analyse the fact.
While crowds await in caves
He burns,
Untouchable precious substance.
As storm quiets
Approaching ashes
To touch, ideas
Keeping the fire
Wood, plants, fats
Anything it likes to gulp,
For warmer nights
Sleepless guardians
Meats on fire
Painless feeding
Longer lives
New beginnings.
Mimicking the story
Down the line of time
Sounds and gestures inspire
Kids to play monsters of fire
With woods and stones,
Frictions and percussions,
Sparkles generating genius
Creativity and intelligence.
Lenses, matches, lighters,
Fossil fuels, coal, gas and oil
Nuclear, uranium and thorium,
Houses, roads, cars, planes,
To root us back to base,
Two hundred and fifty thousand
Years away.
Energies happy to exchange
Generous givers of nature
Have been, are and will be
Renewed again.
Aristotle’s four fundamental
Air, Water, Earth and Fire.
Sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves,
Geothermal heat,
Intelligence makes space
For sensitivity to reunite.
Life a bliss.

[Featured painting: The School of Athens by Raffaello, 1510 ca., affresco in Stanza della Segnatura in the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican]

Mass Insanity

While a man once said
‘It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world’
Wondering whether he would ever laugh again,
Others claimed it was not madness at all
Affecting the world as a whole,
Rather a psychological condition
A mental disorder
A wide spread disease
A depression of spirits.
The same medieval acedia blamed
To have killed many suicidal monks
Before someone dared to declare it a crime
A capital vice, a cardinal sin,
So that shame would be bestowed
Upon those who suffered,
And suffer in silence still.
Attention deviated to focus
On manipulating bodies
To last forever,
To live longer a ‘sacred’ life
Regardless of how and why,
Neglecting to cater
For obvious essentials,
Peace and wellbeing
Of unfathomable mind.
A mind humanity struggles to comprehend
Of which it knows so little
Yet expects so much from
Much easier to gaze at stars
To understand its home
Than to plunge in itself
To conquer its own,
Identity and peculiarity.
Thirteen billion years
To get to where we are
For conditions to align just right
So as to give shape
To universal consciousness
In its most glorious form,
A focal point
Where the Universe becomes
Aware of itself.
Two hundred fifty thousand years
Since its first appearance
Its mental illness leads it
To spit on the marvel,
Claiming and convinced
It is in itself
A natural disaster,
Undeserving of anything
The Universe can provide,
As nothing good can ever come
From the weird creatures
We have become.
While the environmental toxins
We relentlessly thrust out there
A self punishment increasing
Our infertility
Threaten our survival on the long term,
Many like to say
We do not deserve to stay,
The best thing we could do
Line up in a queue
And disappear in extinction
With no merits nor distinction.
Give up.
Truth is we are a work in progress
Nature continuously evolving
Into something stunningly powerful
Needless of weapons or title,
Something wonderful and amazing
Capable of looking at itself in bewilderment
Acknowledging its mightiness,
The extraordinary sheer existence
Of something
Rather than nothing.
As the lady slipped on the banana skin
The man laughed again.

[Featured painting: The Scream, undated drawing by Edvard Munch]

A New Home

Searching through space
Wandering humanity
Seeks a new home,
Any safe port to escape
Its announced inevitable fate
As its God reclaims its death,
A primordial right
To an apocalyptic full stop
On the brief sentence of its existence.

Trying to conquer time
Neglecting its beliefs
Attempting to free away from faith,
To embrace conjectures
Of old beginnings and new ends,
From Big Bangs to Big Freezes
Big Crunches and Big Rips,
Anything between 2.8 and 22
Billion years from present,
Capable of explaining the absurdity
Limits of its unfathomable consciousness.

Before then, other predicaments
Analysed, studied, categorised,
Asteroids to crash on Earth
Galaxies to collide with the Milky Way
Life-giving Sun to collapse into a white dwarf
7.6 billion years from now,
While humanity would still have
Another dozen to go,
It needs some place else to call home.

As it ponders and calculates
Theorizes and lucubrates
To offer a direction,
Survival instincts left to blame
For genius and engineering,
Creativity with an aim.
Eligible planets here and there
One 39 light years away,
A journey to last 500,000 years
At its fastest speed today.

Bewildering dismay.

Never once to reconsider
Its own perennial doings,
Consequences of intentions
Leading up to self-destruction
Preceding and outrunning
Natural disasters
In nurturing its disappearance
As it wipes out 30,000 species
Year in year out
Effectively carrying out
The greatest mass extinctions
In Earth’s history.

Global warming, ecosystem collapse,
Nuclear and biological threats,
Pandemics, environmental toxins,
Global wars and mass insanity,
All to occur long before,
The end of the world.

[Featured painting: Venusian Weather Balloon. A painting view of future exploration mission by Ahmad Alromeadheen, 2016]

Glorified warriors

The teacher teaches history
To kids eager to learn.
A long sequence of conquerors and wars
Great empires and kingdoms
With flourishing new ideas
Setting the basis of cultures and creeds
Their legacy exciting stories
To be mixed with nostalgic fantasy.
The names we remember are those
Of the murderers rebaptised the winners
The victims have none.
Mr Democracy asks
Adults to vote
Express their feelings and thoughts
By adhering to programmes
Fuzzed by happy pictures
Of retouched First Families
Like ordained illiterates placing Xs
Dropping papers in little boxes.
Awkwardly citizens chronically reunite
To manifest their anger and endless plight
Increasing disapproval for results
Counts and recounts as silent insults
Never seem to reflect
Popular wish, denied in neglect.
Commanders in charge
Speak, encourage and reassure
Feeding fear to the irrational stampede
Promising to protect it from the evils
No matter what.
Calls of duty reduced to games
Firing bombs with similar epic names
Priority mission, shoot all moving creatures
If their colour or creed is different to that of the preacher.
Superpowers selling themselves
As products on shelves
‘Either with us or against us’.
Bystanders compelled to align
Become an ally or lose favour
As superheroes with red ties
Self-proclaimed guardians of freedom
Are ready to bombard
Any radical, anarchist, demonstrator,
Dissident, rebel, insurgent or agitator.
‘The situation is dramatic’ they say
As the neighbour just built its own gateway,
Replications of toys
“Fat Man” and “Little Boy”
Our commanders and most praised scientists
Invented 72 years ago and “only” used twice.
Developed in July
By August they were tested and trialled,
Eventually receivers thanked the donors
With raw fish and rice.
Memory alas forgotten
Ready for new fights and battles
With new technologies
Against old enemies.
Pledges of allegiance
Indoctrinating souls
To think and believe it is right
To kill, murder and destroy
In large numbers and patriotic faith
People across the world that no one knows.
‘Cause if just one soul
Wakes up a morning to kill one more
He or she is labelled at best
A psychopath deserving death.
No glory for he who fights alone.
But why all the indignation, fuss and dismay?
The teacher taught us
Through history and example
Of glorified warriors
Receiving medals for their services
While commanders continue
Identifying foes
For the Gods they pray
The lifestyle they chose
The vengeance they seek
And the toys they play with.
The teacher taught us all
About the culture of war.

[Featured painting: Uranium and Atomica Melancholica Idyll, 1945 by Salvador Dali]