Argos – Jacta Alea Esto

argos copertina def“No beings, with the exception of man, feel surprised at their own existence.” Arthur Schopenhauer

“Yet, observing Salvador, I assumed that his way of living life might have been, somewhat paradoxically, far more respectful towards it, than any alleged spiritual journey in search of enlightenment, or whichever self-set primary goal to achieve before death. Perhaps because I better understood, then, as now, the immediacy of smiles and laughter, that the silences of coveted, mystical, transcendental, or arduous and distressing, serenity. Salvador lived the present as if it were the only one to count; he lived for the beauty and joy of the moment, regardless of the past and blind to the future. Although seemingly arrogant, he was probably the humblest of all: he did not give his soul a transcendental mission, nor his life an obsessive purpose, other than to be – or become – himself.”  – Argos

Published in 2016 – Isbn: 9788892312593
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