Silent Applause

Premise: This is not an attack to the EU or other international institutions, rather a statement of consciousness and a critique of who we are and what we do, or ignore: A humble evaluation of our priorities.

To all those insisting to highlight the fact that ever since the European Union there have been no more wars between the members of the Union, hence defending the European Union as a political union rather than as originally intended (or claimed as intended) trade union, with the pretext that “Union” is better than “Division”, no matter what the Union actually is or does…

Registered death toll from wars since 1945, globally and not accounting for consequent famine, illnesses and, recently, “drowning” casualties:

12.741.458 human lives lost in 161 wars.

And just who do you think orchestrates and finances these wars? Who actually benefits from them? Whom do you think sells weapons all around the globe, left, right and centre?

Top five producers and exporters: United States, Russia, China, Germany and France, responsible for almost 74 per cent of all arms exports.

Top five biggest importers: India, Saudi Arabia, China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Pakistan.

“The flow of arms to Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, and the Middle East increased significantly between 2005–2009 and 2010–14, while there was a notable decrease in the flow to Europe.” (source: SIPRI)

[Silent applause]

Are we really that naïf and blind not to see that those same weapons ultimately fall into the hands of our terrorist enemies, dictators, guerrilla fighters and insurgents worldwide? Or do we actually believe they build their own weapons in their garage and that we are the “good ones”, the “peacekeepers”?

[Silent applause]

Can you still truly rejoice about the fact that our “comfortable” European Union countries do not actually fight wars against each other anymore, but engage and participate, individually and as a union, in putting weapons in kids’ hands, be it outside the EU, for personal profit, power and shareholder satisfaction?


Are our lives worth any more than that of non-EU populations?

Problems behind wars, civil wars and consequent mass-immigration have a lot more to do with our weapons production and exports than with Brexit.

So what are our priorities while reading distraction news? Weapon-financing banks and multinationals losing moneybrokers losing jobs, or people around the world losing lives every single day?

Can you applaud?


Top 5 EU countries exporting weapons: France, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy.

arms global

What are we arming for? Peacekeeping?


Top 1 importer.

eu saudi arabia


On EU weapons exports:

European Parliament

On weapons exporters:

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

On “many countries have not ceased arming themselves with heavy weapons even during the economic crisis era. Other than Italy and Spain, there is almost no country that has reduced its military budget”

On Syria’s weapons supply:


On Greece buying weapons from Germany:

Enjoy Researching…


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