My father’s burial

I shall no longer tell you about my future plans,
I shall no longer feel the wide-embracing love
Of your warmest hugs,
Nor shall I listen in your familiar loving tone
Your wise advice always given cap in hand.

Vain are the thousand creeds
That move men’s hearts: unutterably vain;

This Poem tentative is a hymn to life,
As you whom we cry and bury today,
Taught me to love and cherish as a gift.
Not your personal gift to me,
But that of life itself
Given day by day
Our breath.

When you stopped breathing
And left this world,
On a cold November day,
I was overwhelmed by your death.

The clocks silenced their tic and tac,
The world stopped turning around the sun,
When finally… the universe ceased to be.

My eyes betrayed me and saw you in the crowd
As faceless people went passing by,
My ears would hear nothing but the tidal waves
Crying as if in pain,
My shivering hands were struggling
To prevent my legs from trembling.

Then, I saw you.
Your breathless body
Your peaceful face.

I realised that if you had been there,
With and by me,
You would have held my hand
And told me
“Bewail not!
Sing no sad song for me
Lay no rose on my grave”.

In Her words you would have said
Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad

Yet I shall never forget
A man whom by the forgetful world itself
Shall forever be unforgotten.

Thus I smile every day
I cherish each single breath
Making your last humble advice
My rule in life.

I shall be just and happy
As you prepared me to be.

And if I shall be courageous and strong,
And grow to be just half the human being
You revealed yourself to be,
I shall be proud to think that you live in me.
And as you gave me life
I shall give you eternity.
Through me
and all those from whom you have been loved.

Time is passing by,
The sun shines again,
The universe glitters.

And glitter it does,
With a brand new star.


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