Human Compassion Organisation

“Meeting the kids at Human Compassion was a gift from the gods. It is appaling to realise how amazingly easy it is to forget ones blessing and all too simple to ravel in contempt. It took only a few moments to spontaneously feel how close I was to them. In an instant, as if it was always so, I did not see them like ‘someone else’s unfortunate children’ anymore; they were all mine, they belong to this Universe just as I. I reached the overwhelming conclusion that each child is everybody’s child and each human being a brother and a sister. Denying that, is to be blind to the obvious. We are One; a One we have come to call Humanity.”


Human Compassion is a grass roots, non-profit, registered non-governmental organization, established in 2004 in Ga West district of Accra, Ghana. At the time, HIV/AIDS stigma in Ghana was running rife. Three individuals living with the illness gave birth to Human Compassion as a support group for all those living in the same condition. Today, the Organisation reaches out to a whole community of registered adult members and operates a full time care facility for orphaned HIV+ children.