For all those who still believe it is possible…

For all those who silently fight,
For all those who cry out loud their anguish and despair,
And for those who don’t.
For all those whose lives meet the cold eternal night
Moonless, before the sun goes down.

As children, regardless of our homeland,
We hanker to change the world.
Our homeland, is the World.
As adults, bearing in mind and heart our homeland,
More often than not, we are changed by the World.

Growing up we witness injustice,
Treachery and greed.
We are no longer led by purity and beauty
But by fear and anger.

The meaning of it all
Indeed has not been lost.
Never has there been one.

Our lives, us,
Wondering in the dark wilderness,
Have no meaning if not for our beloved.
The meaning of our life,
Is the meaning we are willing to give it.

It is for the World, for Humanity,
We shall Live, Love
And if necessary, Fight.

Just as children, regardless of their homeland,
We shall attempt to change the world,
Being true to ourselves and our beloved ones.

Not hiding, not fearing, not anguishing.
But out on the dismantled roads,
Facing the conflict in any possible way.
A conflict which was never ours nor our fathers’.

Our chins up, Our dignity
Exhibited as the most precious medal
On our hearts,
Doing whatever it takes
For peace to be restored.

Beirut, October 16th 2007 [first published under the pseudonym Gale Beaufort]


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