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AK NOVELS are existential quests picturesquely depicting physical, mental and emotional journeys. Whether strolling on city roads or flying to international destinations, the author’s fictional stories combine imagination and reality to tackle issues concerning the essence of humanity and of the individuals composing it. Sentiments such as loneliness and feelings of belonging, tedium and happiness, self-contempt and self-actualisation, revolutionise concepts of origins and identitytime and space, life and death.

AK POEMS are written in Italian, English and French and represent the poet’s diary where to report appalments and marvels, strong-felt opinions on current events, profound perceptions on feelings, beguilements at astrophysics and life in the widest sense. Inspiration is to be found at the sight of a humble clochard or the listening of a President’s speech, at the finding of a stranded starfish or the discovery of physical laws. Poems she calls Poeticles and defines as Autopoiesis of Consciousness.

AK ESSAYS, are the beginning of a new orientation or simply the natural evolution of the author’s being, slightly diverging the focus from Humanity to the Universe as a whole, engaging in studies of physics, astrophysics and cosmology but also history, natural philosophy, spirituality and esoteric studies.

Un apparente viaggio all'apparente ricerca di un padre apparentemente morto. Ma, a volte, le apparenze ingannano; così potrebbe anche trattarsi di un non-viaggio, una non-ricerca e un brindisi alla vita. Aspasia ignora cosa la spinge a seguire Darius, eppure lo fa.


5 stars average rating

“Enticing rhythm, supported by remarkable elegance and grace”

“The almost metaphysical estrangement is expertly alternated with physical-emotional presence. Lustful and appealing erotic scenes don’t compromise writing sophistication the least”

“A painting which completes itself with every page.”

“The description of places is perfect; the use of language is of rare culture and refinement. An extremely promising debut novel

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argos copertina def


5 stars average rating

“The historical characters intertwining in the protagonist’s life and reminiscences are enchanting. From spiritual gurus to great physicists, geniuses and eccentric artists, Argos embarks us in a journey through his life and the XXth century.”

“The reader can’t help himself from identifying with each and every emotion and memory. Overwhelming”

“Three timelines for one life. Very well written.”

“Historically bvery accurate”

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Aurora Kastanias’ novels are available for purchase prior to order in any Feltrinelli bookstore or on-line via all major literature channels including Amazon and eBook versions are also available on all major eBook Stores.

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